Energy solutions

Heat can be recovered not only from sewage but also from pool water, process fluids, steam and condensate. Adaptable to all property types and heating systems, Ecowec is your ticket to revolutionary energy-saving.


Domestic Ecowec products and energy solutions are patented, so you can save energy, the environment and money.

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Ecowec® solutions

Wastewater Heat Recovery

Harnessing the power of wastewater heat recovery is the prime way to significantly reduce your building's energy footprint.

Passive Heat Recovery System

The Ecowec® hybrid exchanger can be seamlessly integrated into industrial processes or steam lines to capture waste heat, operating as an independent device. This waste heat is then either channeled back into the process or utilized for building heating passively and even without any electrical consumption.

Heat pump system

The hybrid exchanger is connected to a heat pump, which collects and recycles the energy lost in waste water or in the process back to the use of the property or industrial process, and thus reduces the need for new purchased energy. The heat pump enhances heat recovery and expands the number of applications by raising the recycled energy to the desired temperature level.

More efficient Energy Piles

The power and yield, as well as efficiency, of the buildings' energy pole system can be increased by adding an Ecowec hybrid switch to the system. In addition, it can replace several tens of energy poles, so that despite the investment, the total costs of the system will not increase.

More Energy-Efficient Ground Heat System

The efficiency of geothermal systems can be improved by adding an Ecowec hybrid exchanger, which raises the temperature of the geothermal solution, improves the efficiency of the heat pump, and reduces the electricity consumption of the heat pump. The hybrid exchanger can replace several geothermal wells, so the geothermal system can also be installed on a small plot of land.

A more energy-efficient district heating system

In new apartment buildings, the purchase energy of the district heating system can be reduced by up to 50%, when the waste water heat is recycled back to heating the property and hot water. In a district heating property, the hybrid exchanger is connected to a heat pump, which reduces the peak power of district heating and the need for purchased energy.

More Energy-Efficient Exhaust Air Heat Recovery System

The energy output, power, and efficiency of an exhaust air heat pump can be increased by adding the Ecowec® hybrid exchanger to the system. By combining two waste heat sources, the purchased energy of the property's primary heating system, such as district heating, natural gas, or oil heating, can be reduced.