More efficient Energy Piles

The efficiency, yield, and coefficient of performance of property-based energy pile systems can be enhanced by integrating the Ecowec® hybrid exchanger into the system.


With the Ecowec® hybrid exchanger, dozens of energy piles can be replaced, ensuring that despite the investment, the total cost of the system doesn’t escalate.

Replace Energy Piles

The Ecowec hybrid exchanger can substitute multiple energy piles. This makes the energy pile system suitable even for properties with a smaller foundation area that rely on steel tubular piles. It means that not all steel piles need to be converted into energy piles during foundation work.

Improve Efficiency

The Ecowec hybrid exchanger elevates the temperature of the heat collection fluid, thereby reducing the electricity consumption of the heat pump and increasing its efficiency. The energy pile system can be more easily scaled to its full specification when it draws heat not only from the building’s foundations but also from wastewater. As a result, during peak usage periods, the energy pile system might not consume any direct electricity for heating, leading to further savings on heating costs.

Alternative to Ground Heat

The Ecowec hybrid exchanger enables the use of the energy pile system even in groundwater areas where it’s forbidden to drill ground heat wells or use an alcohol-water mix in collection pipes. Moreover, the Ecowec hybrid exchanger allows for the use of pure water as a collection fluid, making it suitable for groundwater regions.

Connection Model and Principle

The Ecowec hybrid exchanger can be connected to energy pile systems, potentially replacing 20-30% of energy piles and enhancing the system’s power, yield, and efficiency.


In energy pile projects, a patented method makes it possible to reduce the number of energy piles by 20-30%. In already implemented energy pile systems, the Ecowec hybrid exchanger can decrease the electricity consumption of the ground heat pump and boost its coefficient of performance.


The Ecowec hybrid exchanger and the energy pile system’s heat pump are connected as depicted in a specific illustration. The heat pump’s collection fluid first goes to ground heat wells, and after exiting these wells, it circulates through the Ecowec hybrid exchanger before returning to the heat pump. The system has been patented.

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