Passive Heat Recovery System

The Ecowec® hybrid exchanger can be seamlessly integrated into industrial processes or steam lines to capture waste heat, operating as an independent device. This waste heat is then either channeled back into the process or utilized for building heating passively and even without any electrical consumption.

Save on Energy Costs

The Ecowec hybrid exchanger recycles wastewater heat either without any external energy consumption (thanks to its internal additional heat exchangers) or with minimal electricity usage (when using an external additional heat exchanger). By substituting part of the purchased energy with the recycled waste heat from wastewater, significant savings on energy expenses for both buildings and processes can be achieved.

Zero Operating Costs

The entire system virtually requires no maintenance. With no moving parts or devices needing regular upkeep, the system offers energy savings without any operational costs.

Connection Model and Principle

When the Ecowec hybrid exchanger is connected to an internal additional heat exchanger without a heat pump, it recycles wastewater heat without the need for external energy. Even with the external heat exchanger, the system operates with minimal electrical consumption. This ensures that recycling wastewater heat does not inflate the energy costs of either buildings or industrial processes. The maintenance-free system also ensures there are no additional operating costs.


The Ecowec hybrid exchanger transfers the heat from wastewater through two metallic interfaces. This design ensures the wastewater heat doesn’t mix with, for instance, potable water, ensuring compliance with building regulations for a healthy and safe heat transfer system.


The connection of the hybrid exchanger to the additional heat exchanger without a heat pump is facilitated via an external plate heat exchanger. This innovative system is patented.