Ecowec B3

The Ecowec® B-series hybrid exchangers are standard exchangers for buildings. B-series products can be connected to all heat pump systems.

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Ecowec B3 hybrid exchanger for buildings

Ecowec® B3: €17,300.00

A value-added tax of 24% is added to the price.


The Ecowec® B3 is designed for townhouses and small apartment buildings where the water consumption exceeds 1,000 m³ per year.


Recommendation: 1 unit of Ecowec B3 for 20-30 apartments or 3,000 m³/year – additional Ecowec B3 units if the building has more apartments or if there’s greater water consumption.


Connection Recommendation: Requires pressurized wastewater guidance to the exchanger using a wastewater pumping station, and connection to the heat pump. Heat recovery can be enhanced by connecting multiple hybrid exchangers in series and/or in parallel within the same system.


Flow Rates: Maximum flow rate for the wastewater side: 30 l/s, maximum flow rate for the heat collection side: 20 l/s, maximum temperature for flowing liquids: 80°C.


Dimensions: Width 550 mm, Height 1425 mm, Weight 150 kg (empty), 350 kg (in use).

Pressure Class: PN4

Main dimension drawing output table Income table

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Wastewater heat recovery is the most cost-effective way to reduce the property’s energy consumption. About 30% of the residential building’s annual heating energy consumption goes to heating the domestic water and thereby to the sewer. In energy-efficient class A properties, the share of energy contained in domestic water is more than 50% of the heat balance. It is possible to recover thermal energy from waste water sent to the sewer and use it again with the help of the Ecowec hybrid exchanger.