Ecowec R10

The Ecowec® R-series hybrid exchangers come standard with additional exchangers, which can be connected to other heat sources or the building’s cooling circuit. R-series products can be connected to all heat pump systems.

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Ecowec R10 hybrid exchanger for buildings

Ecowec® R10: €32,960.00

A value-added tax of 24% is added to the price.


The Ecowec® R10 is designed for large residential buildings, hotels, industrial plants, laundries, hospitals, and other properties where large amounts of energy are wasted without capturing their heat. The integrated exchanger in the unit allows for, among other things, preheating of domestic water, utilization of solar heat, or cooling of ventilation/underfloor cooling.


Recommendation: 1 unit of Ecowec R10 for 60-70 apartments or 6,000 m³/year – additional Ecowec R10 units if the building has more apartments or if there’s greater water consumption.


Connection Recommendation: Requires pressurized wastewater guidance to the exchanger using a wastewater pumping station, and connection to the heat pump. Heat recovery can be enhanced by connecting multiple hybrid exchangers in series and/or in parallel within the same system.


Flow Rates: Maximum flow rate for the wastewater side: 50 l/s, maximum flow rate for the heat collection side: 20 l/s, maximum temperature for flowing liquids: 80°C.


Dimensions: Width 950 mm, Height 2000 – 2100 mm, Weight 500 kg (empty), 1,400 kg (in use).


Application Areas: wastewater, pool water, steam, condensates, process fluids.


Pressure Class: PN4

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Wastewater heat recovery is the most cost-effective way to reduce the property’s energy consumption. About 30% of the residential building’s annual heating energy consumption goes to heating the domestic water and thereby to the sewer. In energy-efficient class A properties, the share of energy contained in domestic water is more than 50% of the heat balance. It is possible to recover thermal energy from waste water sent to the sewer and use it again with the help of the Ecowec hybrid exchanger.