Ecowec sewerHEAT

With the Ecowec sewerHEAT system, a property’s wastewater becomes a source of heat.

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Ecowec sewerHEAT – A Step Towards Sustainable Heating


Ecowec is a Finnish pioneer in the field of wastewater heat recovery. The Ecowec sewerHEAT system offers a scalable and efficient solution for apartment buildings and other properties that have wastewater or condensates to be utilized. The Ecowec sewerHEAT system is designed to meet today’s challenges, where energy efficiency and environmental friendliness are paramount. Wastewater, often seen as a wasted resource, is transformed by the Ecowec sewerHEAT system into a valuable energy source, which can significantly reduce heating costs for properties.


Technology and Application


Our system is based on one or more of Ecowec’s hybrid heat exchangers, which are virtually maintenance-free and long-lasting. Suitable heat pumps are selected for the Ecowec sewerHEAT system on a case-by-case basis to ensure the system’s optimal operation. Ecowec sewerHEAT is not just a product, but a comprehensive service. Each system is sized and designed individually, considering the specific features and needs of the property. This individual approach ensures that the system operates efficiently and reliably year after year.


Sustainable Choice


The Ecowec sewerHEAT system saves on energy costs while simultaneously being a step towards a more sustainable future. Installing the Ecowec sewerHEAT system alongside a traditional district heating system allows for significant savings in district heating consumption. This not only reduces costs but also reduces the carbon footprint and promotes sustainable energy use. Ecowec’s vision is to create solutions that benefit both customers and the environment. The Ecowec sewerHEAT system is a practical example of this vision: it’s an investment not only in savings but also in a cleaner and greener future.


How can we help?

Wastewater heat recovery is the most cost-effective way to reduce the property’s energy consumption. About 30% of the residential building’s annual heating energy consumption goes to heating the domestic water and thereby to the sewer. In energy-efficient class A properties, the share of energy contained in domestic water is more than 50% of the heat balance. It is possible to recover thermal energy from waste water sent to the sewer and use it again with the help of the Ecowec hybrid exchanger.