Ecowec S-series

The Ecowec S-series heat exchanger is a tube heat exchanger based on counterflow technology, designed for spas and industry. It is designed for wastewater and process fluids without large solids.

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Ecowec S-series

The Ecowec S-series has a modular design and can be delivered to the construction site fully assembled or in parts, making it easy to install in tighter spaces.


The pipelines of the heat exchanger are staggered in an overlapping manner, which reduces the height of the heat exchanger.


The Ecowec S-series heat exchangers are always sized according to the project and are delivered as individual devices or as a system.

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Wastewater heat recovery is the most cost-effective way to reduce the property’s energy consumption. About 30% of the residential building’s annual heating energy consumption goes to heating the domestic water and thereby to the sewer. In energy-efficient class A properties, the share of energy contained in domestic water is more than 50% of the heat balance. It is possible to recover thermal energy from waste water sent to the sewer and use it again with the help of the Ecowec hybrid exchanger.